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Mag Mount Card Displays - 4 Pack

Mag Mount Card Displays - 4 Pack

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*Each pack contains 4 display mounts. Cards and protective cases shown in pictures are for display purposes only and are not included in the sale of the stands. Please note that cards will need to be placed in the one touch cases in "reverse" in order to mount on our latest Gen 3 version of the product. This allows for a more secure fit tested up to 360pt!*

Introducing The Mag Mount, our breakthrough solution that revolutionizes the display of collectible trading cards on your wall! Mag Mounts offer an unobtrusive way to display your cards with ease. No need to unscrew anything, simply place your card inside of a magnetic protective case, then place the case on the mount and you are done! The only tool we recommend using is a level!

Experience the magic of effortless presentation with Mag Mounts. Its minimalistic design provides a sleek mount that beautifully highlights your cards, making them the focal point of admiration. Mag Mount's integrated magnet and support structures ensure that your cards are showcased securely.

Change is inevitable – and now, it's also hassle-free. With Mag Mounts, updating your display is as simple as a gentle touch. Embrace the flexibility to swap cards as your collection grows while knowing that Mag Mount's magnetic attachment offers a reliable hold. They're versatile enough to accommodate magnetic case sizes up to 360pt thickness and they are compatible with all of the major brands, including Ultra-PRO®, Pro-Mold, BCW®, and more!

Experience the innovation and convenience of Mag Mount. Elevate your collection's presentation, showcase your passion, and let your cards take center stage with the brilliance they deserve!

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